Tampere is home to strong competence and active inclusion

The Tampere region is an excellent breeding ground for successful business. The city’s versatile and high-quality university, together with its vocational institutions, guarantee that new talent and new thinking is available to support constant development in companies.

A strong culture of collaborative working is present in Tampere. Cooperation between top experts is inherent and easy here. There are already a number of strong networks in place in the region. These networks operate both locally and internationally while boosting development and growth – join in!


A smart city consists of various branches and industries. Strengthening cooperation within branches and between them, in particular, is an important aspect of creating new innovations and boosting expertise.

Explore the Smart Tampere themes and get networked with experts from different specialist fields!

Smart Tampere


Participation in different kinds of events is a great way to get networked and find new contacts. See the Tampere Business Events calendar for events and training organised by Smart Tampere and other local organisations.

Business Events

Tampere Smart City Week (25-31 January, 2020) presents a wide range of smart city development through various events for different target groups. The program ect. will be updated to the page as the plans become more focused.

Tampere Smart City Week