Smart Health

The focus of the Smart Health theme is to identify and prepare new operational models and pilots together with companies, the City of Tampere, and the Pirkanmaa Hospital District. The central ideas of the working approach are co-creation and flexible trials. The central target is to root this operational culture of co-creation and experimentation as part of the social services and health care reform.

This development will increase the need for cooperation between various operators and for shared development environments. With the progress of the social services, health care and regional government reform (SOTE) in Finland, services will be produced more and more often by companies, new solutions will be developed, and ecosystems operating as a network will be strengthened. The solution is to integrate technology and services in a customer-focused manner with simultaneous improvement of effectiveness and profitability.

The vision for the digitalisation of social and health services in the City of Tampere is that, in 2025, all residents of Tampere will primarily use digital services. The goals of the City of Tampere include, e.g., the promotion of the transparency and integration of digital solutions, and the preparation of trial projects producing self-care and health-promoting services. This is why Smart Health will have a strong focus on the digitalisation of health and well-being data, and on the development of new digital content. The development of new digital services is especially focused on three entities, on which more information will be provided as the program moves forward:

- Exercise for health and preventive services
- Independently produced services and services provided at home
- Future hospitals and well-being centres

Smart Health theme is coordinated by FinnMedi Oy.

More information:
Theme Leader Matti Eskola
FinnMedi Oy
+358 40 5575355

A platform that integrates the technological solutions used in home and remote care services will be implemented in Tampere. The platform is based on an innovation partnership model, and funded by Business Finland. In the best-case scenario, the city will save millions of euros each year through the integration of several different services on just one platform.  Read more