Finland is a forerunner in artificial intelligence – a virtual conference brings together companies and leading research

The international AI Finland 2020 virtual conference brings together companies and world-class research instances to discuss how artificial intelligence could be utilized successfully in the future. The 2020 corona spring has accelerated digitalization and the transformation is constantly picking up speed.

In 2030, many things in our lives will be different. The AI Finland 2020 event organizers anticipate that artificial intelligence will transform society and business life in the next 10 years even more profoundly than we can imagine today. The event will take a snapshot of the current Finnish expertise in artificial intelligence and examine the various ways in which data and AI are utilized in Finland today.

The AI Finland 2020 event is organized by the Tampere city region economic development agency Business Tampere and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, together with selected partners. The event is free of charge and registration will remain open until 29 September. In the future, the event will be organized in various host cities throughout Finland. Tampere was selected as the first host due to the city’s extensive industrial history and strong technological focus. Top technology drivers in Tampere include smart machinery, automation and cleantech. Representatives from several local companies are included in the event speakers, including Insta, Glaston, Cargotec, Sandvik, Valmet and Unikie.

”The world is changing faster than ever before and artificial intelligence is driving the change. If we want to apply new technologies wisely, we need collaboration across business domains and the scientific community. In many fields, Finland is the leader among European countries and even globally. AI Finland’s goal is to support research, development and commercialization and to promote the key experts in the field,” says Minna Kinnunen, Senior Business Advisor at Business Tampere.

Expanding networks and learning from others

During the 2020 corona spring, businesses had to quickly digitalize their processes and business.

”When it comes to digitalization, companies did not just switch to a higher gear – they upgraded their entire engine. Going forward, the digital transformation will only pick up more speed. If we had a specific vision of the world in 2030 a year ago, this vision is now likely to become reality by 2025,” says Pekka Sivonen, who is responsible for the digital transformation of Finnish industries at Business Finland.

Pekka Sivonen will moderate the panel discussion at the AI Finland 2020 event. The panel discussion will focus on how to pass on the latest information and discoveries from research to businesses.

Launching a new artificial intelligence programme

The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has stated that extensive and successful utilization of artificial intelligence will create potential for major economic growth and higher employment rates.

”Finland is among the forerunners in the development and application of artificial intelligence. Finland is also one of the first EU countries to launch a national programme on artificial intelligence. We strive to be pioneers in the future, too,” says Development Director Petri Räsänen, who is in charge of business digitalization at the ministry.

”One of the next steps forward is the new Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme to be launched at the AI Finland 2020 event. A well-known example of the high level of our AI programmes is the Elements of AI online course that was created during the previous programme. The course will now be made available throughout Europe.”


Additional information

Minna Kinnunen, Senior Business Advisor, AI and Analytics
Business Tampere
tel. +358 40 589 9700

The AI Finland 2020 virtual conference will take place on 30 September 2020. Registration will remain open until 29 September. Event programme and registration:

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