Safety and Security

Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience - SURE

SURE makes daily lives of citizens and visitors in Tampere safer and more secure by developing and testing a comprehensive and smart event-related urban security solution. The project aims to increase cross-sectoral preparedness to threats against public spaces and other urban security threats in Tampere. The latest urban security technologies will be utilized and integrated. Innovative co-creation methods, joint simulations and exercises will be applied to facilitate smooth and seamless coordination and cooperation between urban and security authorities, first responders and event organizers.

Finally, the objective is to provide local companies opportunities to develop and test their urban security innovations, services and products in connection with actual urban development projects and key security-intensive urban areas and public infrastructure in Tampere.


The project is developing an innovative solution that

Can be utilized in the key locations of the project (Tampere Central Square and Ratina Stadium)

Can be scaled up city-wide to selected locations (Särkänniemi amusement park, Tampere Hall, schools and Deck and Central Arena) and can be transferred to similar locations elsewhere in Europe.

Offers an innovative holistic approach that has not yet been implemented elsewhere.

Includes service design, engagement of users and citizens, processes, technical systems and investments (Data integration platform, utilization of lighting network, surveillance cameras and info screens).

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Anniina Autero

Project Manager

Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience

City of Tampere

— +358 50 574 7717


Minna Säpyskä-Aalto

Senior Specialist

Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience

The Baltic Institute of Finland

— +358 50 587 0357