The carbon footprint calculator encourages sustainable mobility

Kuva: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

The mobility carbon footprint calculator in the Tampere.Finland application encourages Tampere residents to move greener. The calculator shows, for example, user’s most common Mode of Transport and monthly carbon footprint. Every month you can aim for gold, silver or bronze level.

When the calculator is turned on and the application is always allowed to track the location, the calculator measures background emissions and no separate action is required from the user.

The free calculator can be found in the Tampere.Finland application

This is how you enable the carbon footprint counter

  1. Download the Tampere.Finland app from your phone’s app store.
  2. Click on the “Your mobility carbon footprint” icon.
  3. Always allow background location.
  4. Keep your phone with you on the go and follow the carbon footprint of your mobility.

Trips appear on the calculator with a small delay. If no trips occur, check your phone’s power saving settings. If necessary, read the instructions.


The carbon footprint can be used to measure how much climate emissions are caused by different actions. The mobility carbon footprint calculator tracks the user’s mobility on a monthly basis and calculates an estimate of the carbon footprint.

The calculator utilizes the location information of the mobile phone

The CO2 calculator identifies the most common forms of travel and calculates an estimate of the carbon footprint. The analytics can usually detect, for example, walking, but may be confusing, for example, roller skating or brisk running for cycling. The user can manually correct a misidentified travel mode.

The GPS, gyroscope and acceleration data sent by the mobile phone are used to identify the mode of travel. The Tampere.Finland app must be given the right to use the location at all times so that the calculator can work.

Better services for residents through the CO2 calculator

The city of Tampere receives valuable statistical information and an understanding of where and how the citizens move. In this way, services can be developed to meet the needs of residents. An individual user cannot be identified from the data.

The analysis and interface of the CO2 calculator has been implemented for the city by Kausal Oy. The source code of the counter is licensed under an open source license. The user interface has been implemented by Geniem Oy.

The carbon footprint counter has been developed as part of the STARDUST project, which supports Tampere’s goal of being a carbon-neutral city by 2030. The STARDUST project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant agreement No. 774094).

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