Smart Tampere

Ecosystem program

The Smart Tampere Ecosystem programme promotes companies’ business renewal and growth by advancing the development of business ecosystems around selected themes. The aim is to create the best possible prerequisites for companies to network and create new solutions to the needs of the city and its residents.

The programme opens up parts of the urban environment as test platforms to enable joint development work on these new, globally scalable solutions. At the same time, it strengthens the international reputation of Tampere as a bold pioneer in smart city development and as an attractive hub of expertise.

The Smart Tampere Ecosystem programme is implemented by the Tampere region economic development agency Business Tampere, in close cooperation with the City of Tampere.


Promoting business renewal and growth

We offer a variety of test platforms and parts of the city’s data and infrastructure to be used in business development.

Support for local expertise and networking

We organize different events and training sessions in which local participants are welcome to network and strengthen their expertise.

An internationally recognised and networked hub of expertise

We promote the global scalability of pioneering solutions developed in Tampere and strengthen the city’s international recognition.


Seppo Haataja

Program Director

Smart Tampere Ecosystem Program

Business Tampere

— +35840 500 3475