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Agile experiments

Agile experiments form a concept with which the city is looking to receive ideas from businesses to solve its predetermined needs. The concept offers companies an easy and fast channel for tapping into the city’s needs and for testing and developing their own solutions in a real urban environment. The city, in turn, receives useful information on new digital solutions for optimising its operations and finding cost savings. The aim is to find trailblazer solutions that are globally scalable.

Other co-creation concepts

Proactive water infrastructure maintenance

Smart remote pump monitoring was experimented at the Roine raw water pumping station and the Vieritie storm water pumping station. Wireless sensors installed in the pump frames collected data that was used to produce analysed information on pump operation. The solution was developed by Steamline Oy.

Mobile guidance on the building history of Central Square

The mobile guidance describes the constructional phases of the Central Square area from the 1600s up to the present day. This historical information serves the city’s residents, tourists and anyone interested in the city’s history. It also serves as a handy aid for teachers. The application was developed by Arcventure.

Bluetooth beacons help at construction sites

City guidance with Bluetooth beacons was tested at tramway construction sites in Tampere. The beacons sent information about the progression of nearby construction work and any changes brought about by it. The signal could be found with the Nearby application while the Bluetooth function was on. The experiment was implemented by Oy Globeon Ltd.

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Latest call finished, two left for this year

The second call for agile experiments during this year expired 11th June. This time we looked for fresh ideas related for example to IoT, data visualization and AI utilization, as well as to indoor lighting and energy control. Almost 30 solution offers was left. The decision which one of these are continuing to further discussions will be published soon.

In 2019 there will be at least two calls for agile experiments yet to become. The next call will be published at this website and Tampere Business Link, so stay tuned!

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