Agile experiments

Agile experiments form a concept with which the city is looking to receive ideas from businesses to solve its predetermined needs. The concept offers companies an easy and fast channel for tapping into the city’s needs and for testing and developing their own solutions in a real urban environment. The city, in turn, receives useful information on new digital solutions for optimising its operations and finding cost savings. The aim is to find trailblazer solutions that are globally scalable.

Other co-creation concepts

Nearly one third of the 100 ideas to the experiment

There have already been several searches for agile experiments in Tampere. Almost one hundred ideas have been received from around 60 companies. About a third of the ideas have gone to trial, and about half of the companies that run the experiments are startups. Experiments have been sought on a wide range of topics, such as data visualization and utilization, guidance and security.


Proactive water infrastructure maintenance

Smart remote pump monitoring was experimented at the Roine raw water pumping station and the Vieritie storm water pumping station. Wireless sensors installed in the pump frames collected data that was used to produce analysed information on pump operation. The solution was developed by Steamline Oy.

Info screens

In spring 2019, touchscreen information kiosks entered the streets of Tampere. The development of information screens was carried out in close collaboration with several companies, and was combined with agile experiments. For example, Citynomadi Oy developed a solution for informing about changes in walking and cycling routes caused by tramway sites through information displays.

Guidance application

Pispala and Pyynikki are some of the most famous areas in Tampere. They contain many gems such as the Pispala stairs, Cafe Pispala and the Emil Aaltonen Museum. The guidance app brings together the sights and services of the ridge area for the benefit of Tampere residents and visitors. The application was implemented by Visumo Oy and Architects MY Oy.

ReascuePosse game

RescuePosse teaches primary school children safety in an interesting and modern way. The game throws security-related questions on the screen and players respond by moving characters around the game area. The wrong answer will drop the character. The game was tested at the local school in early 2019. The experiment was carried out by Lucasoft.

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