Safety and security greetings – Back to the basics

Awareness of the present state plays a key role in understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, it lays a foundation for recognising new opportunities and risks. A good understanding of the present state makes it possible to set a vision and mission, thereby serving as a basic prerequisite for long-term and productive development work.

In the past year, a foundation was laid for the development of and cooperation for smart safety and security in Tampere Region by conducting a survey of the situation, creating a common framework and specifying the priorities for regional development. The survey determined the safety- and security-related member companies of Tampere Chamber of Commerce as well as other related actors in the region. Tampere Region business ecosystem for smart safety and security currently includes over 220 recognised actors.

In addition to the survey of the situation, we set out to determine how the city region’s diverse safety and security competence should be structured. The result was a framework of overall safety and security that divides safety and security into 10 sub-areas. After completing the surveys, we incorporated the actors into this framework as shown in the figure below.

Priorities of regional development

We also agreed on the regional priorities relating to safety and security. These priorities were based on the essential national and regional strategies: internal safety and security strategy, Tampere City Strategy 2030, Tampere Region’s strategy for smart specialisation, Regional Development Program 2018–2020 of Tampere Region and the regional strategy for Tampere Region 2040. The autumn’s workshops involved work on the priorities of regional development as well as voting on them based on effectiveness and business or funding potential. On the basis of the voting, the priorities were placed in order of importance.

The priorities of regional development that resulted from the aforementioned process were also taken to authority interviews, on the basis of which the priorities were considered highly viable.


Petri Nykänen
Business Development Director
Safety, Business Tampere
+358 40 806 2375

The “Safety and security greetings” blog posts cover the activities under the Smart Tampere programme’s smart safety and security theme. The next post (1 October) will feature more information on smart safety and security practices and clusters in Finland and Europe.

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