Safety and security

Safety and security considerations are essential when building a smart city. Whenever new technological solutions are used, safety aspects must always be present, while all-new solutions also enable the promotion of a safe urban environment. We take active steps to bring together players from different fields and thus enable such solutions.

Tampere Region has the largest security competence cluster in Finland and in normal conditions Tampere is a very lively city of events. That makes it a perfect platform for the SURE project, developing smart solutions for urban security and event resilience. Read more of the project and its partners.

If you want to join us in developing new pioneering solutions and strengthening the versatile safety and security expertise in the Tampere region, pick the most suitable ways to engage in the activities around this theme. Let’s join forces and make Tampere a globally attractive hub for safety and security expertise – and the world’s safest place to live!

Who can participate?

The activities around this theme are especially meant for businesses, research institutions and safety and security authorities. We support networking between participants, expertise enhancement, and the creation of new and smart safety solutions.

Most of the events we organise are open to anyone interested in the topic. This theme is only getting started with its activities, so we would love to hear any development proposals you may have!


Expertise with an internationally solid competitive edge

Launched in 2011, the Safety and Security Cluster of Pirkanmaa has laid a solid foundation for enhanced safety and security expertise and cooperation between the local parties involved in the field. The conditions are favorable, as the participants wish to engage in active collaboration and, on the other hand, believe that their expertise is already at an internationally competitive level. This is a very good starting point for developing new pioneering solutions and marketing the high-end specialization available in the region.


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