Drone test area

Drones have multiple interesting applications in an urban environment. They can be used in, for example, new kinds of transport activities, security and guarding applications, maintenance monitoring, access control and supporting rescue services or even the condition monitoring of telephone and electricity networks.

Several companies and research institutions that develop drone technology and applications operate in the Tampere region. Drones open new business opportunities locally, in Finland and even globally. The Hiertämö facility in Hiedanranta is provided for the temporary use of drone operators to support the development of drone technology and testing activities.

Who and how can utilize?

The test area is intended for companies, research institutions and other operators that develop drone technology or related applications. The testing area is located in Hiedanranta, building no. 25. The facility is a former industrial facility, whose size is over 650 square metres and the highest point is 18 metres.

The use of the facility requires writing a short description of its intended use (what kind and how often) and sending it by e-mail to Markku Niemi. After receiving approval, you will receive an access rights agreement which is to be signed. Afterwards, you can get the key from Markku.

Operators with a valid access right agreement for the facility can book it through the Varaamo service. 1-10 hour slots are available for booking.


Markku Niemi

Senior Business Advisor

Smart Connectivity

Business Tampere

— +358505117341