IoT Tampere platform

City of Tampere has completed its IoT Platform acquisition, the supplier of choice was Wapice Oy. The IoT platform will be launched with two use cases: outdoor lighting control and monitoring of outdoor areas in the urban environment.

The IoT platform collects data and builds a situational picture of the city’s operations. It can be used to combine different data sources, visualise them and user them to automate operations – for example, maintenance activities can be better targeted and predicted in the future. The situational picture solutions to be implemented will guide the city’s activities and thus have a tangible impact on the daily lives of its citizens. For example, road maintenance can be optimally planned using local weather data and sensor data.

Who and how can utilize?

Businesses, universities and research institutes can access the Iot Tampere platform, the City will also carry out various experiments and pilots in it.

If you are interested in developing services and applications in the platform, please contact Markku Niemi, Maarit Vehviläinen, or Mika Heikkilä.


Proactive condition monitoring of street light poles

The sensors mounted on the street lamp top measure the wobble of the posts. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides early data on structural degradation of data and allows for correct timing of repairs. This avoids, among other things, dangers caused by the fall of the poles. Sudden changes, such as those caused by a collision, are also detected in near real-time. This pilot will be implemented in cooperation with Quva Oy.

Street lighting control

Regarding the optimisation of street lighting control, a pilot project focusing on the needs-based lighting of park fields is under way. Condition sensors for weather or outdoor conditions as well as motion sensors for controlling lighting are used in the pilot.

In future, lighting can be controlled by combining the data output of various sensors in relation to the weather or outdoor conditions, the predicted and real-time traffic volume and extraordinary circumstances (such as roadworks, emergency vehicles or authority guidance). This enables a higher level of service as well as energy savings.

The shift from the pilot to the production phase is under way. The City of Tampere is tendering the IoT platform, which uses a street lighting control system as its primary platform.


Markku Niemi

Senior Business Advisor

Smart Connectivity

Business Tampere

— +358505117341


Maarit Vehviläinen

Project manager

STARDUST project

City of Tampere

— +358 50 336 7696

Mika Heikkilä

Project Manager

6Aika Project - City IoT

City of Tampere

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