Towards 5G network

The Hervanta test network is a private cloud-based LTE network built by Nokia. It allows smart city products and services that utilise future 5G technology to be tested and developed.

The test network will be available for use between 2018 and 2020. In addition to Tampere University’s Hervanta campus and the Police University College, the network will cover some of the central Hervanta area and the future tram route.

Who and how can utilize?

The network will be free to use by companies, higher education and research institutions, for example. The city will also implement various experiments and pilots in the network. In addition to traffic solutions, the network will enable product and service development related to any area of residents’ lives, including authority services, waste management, education, housing, health and safety.

If you would like to attend for developing services and applications now with LTE (4G) and in the future for 5G, please contact Markku Niemi. Once you contact Markku, please specify the name of your company, contact name, phone number and email addres, a short description of your pilot case, how long you would need access to Private LTE (L1) and what are your use cases. There is a possibility for privacy (NDA) for your use cases if needed.


Markku Niemi

Senior Business Advisor

Smart Connectivity

Business Tampere

— +358505117341