Customer service and involvement

A smart city is only genuinely smart if its residents’ everyday lives are fluent. In the Smart Tampere programme, we are using agile experiments to find new, easy-to-use electronic services for Tampere residents. We want the city’s residents to be able to use the city’s services easily and at their own convenience.

Our customer service experiments are based on the residents’ own requests. Feedback is collected from customers during and after the experiments, and the results are used to determine whether the experimental tools could be deployed more widely in the city.

In addition to electronic services, we wish to offer Tampere residents new ways to influence the development of their living environment. Ideas small and large can be realized when we work together.

Who can participate?

Tampere residents: you are warmly welcomed to try out, use and comment on the city’s new services.

Companies: we would love to hear about solutions that may help Tampere serve its residents better, use customer feedback more efficiently, and open new channels for participation.


Mia Vaelma

Program Manager

Smart Tampere Digitalization Program

City of Tampere

— +35840 800 4634