Education and research

World-class innovation does not emerge without skilled people. Education and research cooperation are widely developed in Tampere to ensure that top talent will be available in the region in future.

We want to maintain our position as a pioneer of education by developing early childhood, primary and upper secondary education through various digital solutions, for example. In universities, we promote a multidisciplinary and open way of thinking and acting. Furthermore, we support student and researcher encounters with companies and the city.

Join us in our effort to shape Tampere into the world’s most attractive knowledge hub where learning and research are truly inspiring activities!

Who can participate?

The activities around the theme are intended mainly for students, research institutions and companies. Students can collaborate with us regarding their thesis works, for instance, or by seeking interesting projects and research projects through Demola. Companies may offer their challenges to be solved at Demola or become members of Kampusklubi and collaborate with students and researchers.


A unique university community

A significant reform at the European level was made in Tampere when two universities and a university of applied sciences joined forces in early 2019 to form a single university community. More multidisciplinary and international than before, this new university’s key areas of competence include technology, health and society.

The university community and its 30,000 future professionals play a key role as enablers of Tampere’s vitality and competitiveness. Therefore, let us maintain Tampere’s status as Finland’s best city for students that successfully attracts international talent as well!


Seppo Haataja

Program Director

Smart Tampere Ecosystem Program

Business Tampere

— +35840 500 3475