Smart Mobility

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The objective of the Smart Mobility theme is to create an internationally recognised testing and innovation ground of smart traffic in Tampere. It will be significant on the European scale and provide an attractive platform for businesses to develop new smart traffic services, and for public authorities to introduce new innovations in order to perform official duties more efficiently than before.

There will be several experimental areas with different features, for example the areas of Kauppi campus, Hervanta, Vuores, Hiedanranta and the city centre. The aims of the experiments are continuity and long-term benefits, as well as solutions and services built for export markets.

The aim is for one of the smartest transport systems in Europe to form in Tampere City Region, where traveling and transporting are efficient, comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly. The customers of the Tampere city transport system are satisfied and smart passengers to whom the services of smart traffic are an established part of everyday life, and getting around is effortless. The mobility data of Tampere City Region is in terms of quality and availability the best in the world.

The selected key theme candidates for the launch phase of the project are:

  1. Smooth traffic – integrated mobility services
  2. Smart tram, operating in 2021
  3. Smart traffic parks: Hervanta, Kauppi (TAYS), Hiedanranta
  4. City Centre – Travel Centre and the Deck Arena
  5. New payment and information system of public transport (
  6. Reducing the need for owning a private car (sharing economy)
  7. Taking advantage of artificial intelligence in analysing traffic data
  8. Interaction and guidance and coaching of people

Theme Leader Kimmo Ylisiurunen
+358 40 738 8902
Infotripla Ltd.

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